Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday bits

1. Say, have you gotten your copy of TWO OF A KIND yet? Why not?! Go find it at your local bookstore. Now.

2. Diane tells me that Cheryl Klein is also hosting a worst first line of a children's book contest. But what about MY contest?! Thievery! Who is this "Cheryl Klein" person? What has she ever done for children's literature?

Actually, I have met Cheryl on several occasions and she is downright lovely. We talked at length at SCBWI-NY drink night this year about the revision process Francisco X. Stork went through on Marcelo in the Real World (possibly still my favorite book read in 2009, though that's unoffical) and it was fascinating and inspiring to me. You should go enter her contest also, because she seems to be "organized" and offering "actual prizes." Though I am sure Cheryl cannot offer you your pick of treasures such as a first edition of Grease: the Book and a signed copy of Magic Johnson's autobiography.

3. Speaking of contests, first place in the "best response to a parental order" contest goes to Tinkerbell, who, upon being sent to her room by The Mighty Thor, stormed up the steps shouting, "I shall have my revenge!"


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, Jacqui, I never realized you were a New Yorker. I still insist I am one, despite the fact that I have been in Central jersey for over three years :)

I'll have to find out about these SCBWI drinks nights. They sound fun!

cath c said...

haha! i believe the mighty thor is copyrighted a la marvel comics. or is it DC? but any parent who wants to be referred to as the mighty thor deserves a good revenge scheme!

i'm still looking for an INDEPENDENT bookstore in this part of the world, somewhere within fifty miles, preferably...not on your handy dandy map locator. :( i miss living anywhere near cambridge, MA the veritable king's ransom in independent bookstores...there's even a whole independent store dedicated to the single literature genre - poetry! and tiny as it is, it did a pretty brisk biz! my i have a lot of !s in this comment.

C.R. Evers said...

LOL! That's too funny! By far the best response to a parental order that I've ever heard. :0)

Jacqui said...

Corey, I'm not, but I come visit lots. But Betsy Bird from Fuse #8 and Cheryl Klein host kidlit drink nights there in NYC and they try to plan one around SCBWI in February.

cath c, sadly for Thor, he does not get called mighty by his own kids! And I miss Boston too (lived there for four months once, fell in love).

Christy, gotta keep your sense of humor, right?

J. Thorp said...

By the way: I used the finder app you suggested to locate our nearest independent bookstore, drove their with Trevor, politely declined assistance while we made our way to the picture books, perused said picture books, and finding no glimmer of the brilliance that is Jacqui Robbins, confronted the owner-operator with a the following request: Could she please order for a copy of each of the two books by my good friend Jacqui Robbins, whose new picture book was just release. She did so, and said she would call me when they arrived. I told her that would be fine, but she must first READ THEM when they arrived. She said she would, if she had my permission -- they are always glad to learn about new authors. She said I must be a good friend, indeed. I smiled and said, "Well, they're great books."*

Trevor said, "Can we go now?"

I will update you when they arrive. Should be any time now ...

* * *

*A bit of an assumption, not having read Two of a Kind yet ... but an assumption I'm comfortable with.

Jacqui said...

See, people? Let J.Thorp be your guide in all things and do as he does.

God, I hope you don't hate it!