Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Beat (and Bears)

Oh, I am a fool who did not take a picture of the stuffed and labyrinthine fantasticness that is Book Beat, this week's new favorite book store. Suffice it to say I went up to sign 40 copies of TWO OF A KIND and THE NEW GIRL...AND ME -- yes, you read that correctly, so if you live near Oak Park, Michigan and you want a signed copy, or any other book, go get it at Book Beat, okay? -- and the trip turned into an hour long book-fondling expedition.

And I came away with this:

Bears in Chairs
by Shirley Parenteau, illus. David Walker

This is the sweetest book I have seen all year. Four grab-your-heart-adorable bears all climb onto four chairs until they are happily all seated, one to a chair so no one has to share. And then a big bear comes along. Sparse and cute but not saccharine. Destructo is going to eat it up.


Boni Ashburn said...

You haven't seen Panda and Polar Bear by Matthew Baek yet, have you? Very hard to top that one... I'll have to check out Bears in Chairs though- thanks for the heads-up!

debbie said...

Those bears are ubercute.

T said...

Thanks for the book suggestions! We're all about bears around here right now. They're eating nonstop these days and getting into trouble. I'll track these books down.

Jacqui said...

Boni, debbie, T and other bear fans: our fav librarian read Big Smelly Bear today at story time. It's also very cute.

Boni Ashburn said...

pandaandpolarbear, pandaandpolarbear, pandaandpolarbear...

This is your subconscious speaking. It's telling you to go get your hands on Panda And Polar Bear now and read it. Okay, so your subconscious isn't so subtle. Does that surprise you??