Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I win!

In which I justify hours of late night messing around on the internet.

It was late at night, at that moment when you think, "I should sleep. I should escape this darn World Wide Web of Doom and sleep. But first, I shall check this ONE last thing."

So I checked my Google Alerts, and...hey!

Two of a Kind has been voted one of the Chicago Public Library's "Best of the Best" for 2009!

This means a lot to me since I spent HOURS in the Chicago Public Library, and was teaching there when I wrote Two of a Kind.

So then I thought, "I'll just tell the folks on Twitter about this."

And voila! I won a contest. Yes, from now on you must refer to me as "Almighty Queen of Imperial Visual Propaganda." All because I watched too much TV as a kid and love stupid puns (and so did/do the hilarious Tara Lazar and Mike Jung.


cath c said...

double yay!

Diane T said...

Hooray for the CPL! They have good taste.

I'm not calling you "Queen Jacqui," though.

Jacqui said...

Thanks! And Diane, I'll take "Your Royal Hilariousness" as well.

Anne M Leone said...

Yay! Go you! And a good excuse to check out CPL's list: chock full of good books.

Tara Lazar said...

FYI, you had us from "Lazarsky."