Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School has started...

... and there is not a person in my house who isn't thrilled about it.

Everyone started new schools and everyone is in love with the new places. Though yesterday Destructo was upset because:

"We were learning to wash our hands and I saw a giant X marks the spot on the floor and it could be real pirate treasure and NONE of my teachers would GET ME A SHOVEL!"

It is also possible he insisted to his Sunday School teachers that his name is "Buzz."

Methinks it could be a long year...

Tink's new school uses the Accelerated Reader program: "MOM! Can you believe my HOMEWORK is to READ A BOOK?! Like I get extra credit for reading a book! Reading! For HOMEWORK. Like it's hard" (shakes head, chuckles to self, and disappears into armchair for hours).

As for me, in the last two weeks I had Tink's birthday (complete with Black and White themed almost sleepover), the first day of new schools for both Tink and Destructo, Rosh Hashanah, my birthday, Thor's 40th birthday (for which I planned a surprise weekend away with 10 friends), minor household crises (everyone is fine), an unintentionally thawed refrigerator, a barfing cat, minimal child care, house guests, a total of nearly 80 miles run, mysterious lights on in the car,

And yet, as part of my new "no excuses" policy, I will be sending everything my agent wanted by Thursday to her. Today. Yup, two days early. And yup, I am crowing about it.

So lemme just finish formatting this one thing. And then I will be back in Jacqui's Room to tell you all about it.


cath c said...

That's great! Congratulations!

I, with similar back to school mayhem, have accomplished about 30 pages of edits, and quilting. nice, slow, repetitive, meditative quilting, for which i will always be grateful re: its i-will-do-this-instead-of-have-an-aneurysm-or-kill-my-children properties. even if i have poked myself with a needle for the millionth time.

happy birthday most of family!!!

J. Thorp said...

that's really something. you deserve to crow. but that will not prevent me from giving you a raspberry -- ppthsbt!


Julie Hedlund said...

Gotta love Tink's response to having to read for homework! That would most definitely be my reaction too. As a matter of fact I'm quite bitter that I never did get that assignment - save for high school English.