Thursday, May 22, 2008

They Did Not Know What It Was

In which I get excited over the jacket flaps for Two of a Kind, but my daughter's are better.

First, I got the drafts of the jacket flaps for my next picture book, Two of a Kind (illustrated by the amazing Matt Phelan, published by Atheneum in June, 2009). Here they are:

Sometimes a friend can bring out the worst in you…

but, a real, true friend will always bring out the best.

From the creators of The New Girl…and Me comes a sweet, insightful story about in crowds, outcasts and the bravery it takes to be a real, true friend.

How cool is that?! I am especially fond of the movie preview-ish "From the creators..."

Meanwhile, Tinkerbell (my five year-old) wrote her own book this week. It's called The Strange Bird, and it's marvelous.* A new bird arrives and none of the other animals can identify it. The best part, though, was before she read it to me, she turned to the back cover and said, "This is the part, you know, to get you excited about the book." In big, capital letters, it said simply,


Which is much cooler jacket flap than anything my books will ever have.

* This is my professional opinion, as a writer. Also, she is a hilarious supergenius. And gorgeous.


J. Thorp said...

I trust you counted the exclamation points? : )

Write2ignite said...

Your book sounds fab...can't wait to see it!

Of course, Tinkerbell's book HAS grabbed my interest. What a FAB author!

She and my fabulously cool, superintelligent and gorgeous five year old (who responds to my books with a "Will you be hurt if I tell you I don't like it?" and in the same breath "I might be a writer like you when I grow up") would get along magnificently.

Jacqui said...

wordwrangler, our kids sound very similarly magnificent... must be genetics.