Friday, September 12, 2008

Take That, Book-Haters, Week 3

It's time for Week 3 of Elise's Banned Book Challenge,* in which

Jacqui Reads Her Children Books That Other People Think Are Bad For Them

King and King
by Linda De Haan, Stern Nijland

Forced into marriage by his mother the queen, the prince cannot find true love until he meets his own prince charming.

My review: I love the idea of this book. I like the fairy tale turned on its head. The queen has a fabulous, bossy voice (she tells the prince she'd already been married twice by his age). I like that nobody in the book comments on the fact that he falls in love with another prince; it just happens. I think this book should exist and should be in classrooms, despite the wrath of the book-haters (who hate lots of other things too) who worry that, as one site said, "it's clearly written to normalize homosexual romance and "marriage" in the minds of very young children" (wouldn't that be terrible?!). That said, the story didn't grab me personally. Maybe it's a lack of character motivation issue? We never see the prince yearning for love and there's not really any pressure for him to get married. Plus, the parade of princess-candidates is a little bizarre; I didn't always get the joke.

I discussed it with Tink:

TINK: That was weird.
JACQUI (preparing speech on accepting all kinds of families, etc.): What was weird?
TINK: The book.
JACQUI: How was it weird?
TINK: I don't know.
JACQUI: Was it because you were surprised he married another prince?
TINK: No! (as if I am being ridiculous) That part was like the princesses!
TINK: Princess Amani and Princess Stefanie got married to each other.
JACQUI: Was that in a book?
TINK: Oh, Mom! (again, like I am being silly)
JACQUI: Who are Princess Amani and Stefanie?
TINK: You know!

But I don't know, and I want to! And Tink wouldn't tell me! Anyone have an idea???

* For explanation, read here


Elise Murphy said...

Yes. Normalize. What a strange concept. Tink seems to get it though!


cindy said...


did you google?

i love your convos with tink.

Jacqui said...

I did google. Nothing. I live in envy of Tink's fantasy life.