Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The good news and ...

In which I whine.

So we went sledding on our driveway this weekend. Yours truly wiped out and caught myself, on landing, with my right hand (yes, I am right-handed). It hurt, but I blew it off.

By Monday it was decidedly puffy and a strange shade of brown. So today I went to the doctor.

The good news is that my wrist is not broken. The bad news is that it is sprained. The doctor told me not to do any activity that hurts it.

Here is a list of activities which make my wrist ache, and which, thus, are verboten:
writing longhand
holding Shadow Country (which is great, but heavy both metaphorically and literally)
picking up my kids
pushing a stroller
working out
carrying pans, pots, jugs of milk and other things needed for cooking
taking the lids off jars
brushing my teeth
kneading bread
shoveling snow


Sigh. At least we aren't expecting up to 11 more inches of snow and sub-zero temperatures this week. Oh wait. We are.

Did I mention it is raining in my kitchen? Do you think "climbing on roof to pound ice from gutters" is on the list? What about "chasing squirrels in the attic"? No? Then maybe "running away to Paris to live on bread and cheese"?


Diane T said...

Take it from me: nothing good can come from grownups sledding.

Consider yourself lucky you can still walk.

Debbie Diesen said...

Jacqui, I define "whining" as complaining about insignificant things. You are not whining -- you are suffering! This is awful.

But don't be tempted to push it. The more you rest your wrist, the sooner it heals.

In the meantime, I recommend long hot baths and large bars of chocolate. And don't run off to Paris: it's foggy and 30F there right now. (Better than 0, but not enough so as to make up for the cost of the flight.)

BY THE WAY... How did you type this blog post without using your wrist??????

Ann Finkelstein said...

I send my sympathies, and the unreassuring note that it has also been raining in my kitchen. The rain in my kitchen happens mainly when my sons are showering. The plumber couldn't find a leak. The tile guy made the shower look like new, but forbid us to test it for several days, so I don't know if the problem is solved. I will say that my older son, who is 6'3" and blessed with long arms is very good at drying the ceiling.

C.R. Evers said...

(((((hugs)))) You're really having a rough time, girl! more (((((hugs))))


Corey Schwartz said...

Hi Jacqui,

I am a first time visitor and just want to say, "I love your blog!"


J. Thorp said...

I look forward to the blog post about how you've learned to do these tasks with your feet. Then when your hand is better, you'll be twice as productive, and make me look even lazier than I already do!

Jacqui said...

See now? I whine and whine and then someone like Corey comes along and makes me smile. Thanks, Corey, and welcome!

Debbie, er, don't tell my doctor, okay? I try to type lefty, or with my toes (like Thorp said), but it looks like: thurfts smrugle blah.

Christy, thanks for the parentheses hugs!

Ann, I am sorry your kitchen is raining too. Want to come to Paris?

Diane, point well taken. Oof!

Elise Murphy said...

As long as there's someone to slice the bread and cheese for you! So sorry, honey!!! This too shall pass . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh Jacqui, I'm so sorry! Whine away! I hope you heal very quickly.

This must be an especially bad winter? We've had a raining living room, ice, and mice.

I've also heard that it isn't much warmer in Paris... but you should still indulge in the bread and cheese. And wine too.

Rena Jones said...

I hope it heals quickly, Jacqui. I guess you could learn to do everything you listed with your left hand. Taking it easy sounds a whole lot better. Get well soon!

Vijaya said...

ooofff, I feel for you ... Drs. always tell what you cannot do, not thinking about the things we must do as moms (and writers).

Take good care, Jacqui, and perhaps you can talk your stories into a tape recorder for now ...

Unknown said...

ack...go back to Florida. Or come here, it is 80 degrees out.

Hope your roofer gets there soon:)

Anonymous said...

Jacqui, I've extended my list of things you also can't do: Vacuum, cook, box, wrestle, play tennis, golf, smack Thor when he needs it, make the bed, corralling the good Captain when he gets away from you, riding horses, swinging with Tarzan, and using your bow and arrow.

Jacqui said...

Look at all the love! Thank you all, but this is only going to earn you more whining!

Elise and Debbie, YOU come slice and share the bread and cheese (help! Must make inappropriate cut the cheese joke. Can't stop myself. Aak.)

Rena, I am so right hand dominant it is pathetic. But I am trying.

Vijaya, I want voice recognition software. Anyone know any? Not just for this, for using with students too.

Jill, okay. Will be there with kids on Friday. Got a crib?

Sharon, you're right; it's the wrestling Destructo into his snowsuit that is going to be the end of me. I can whap Thor lefty :)

Boni Ashburn said...

I'd post another comment, but these comments seem to be causing you to do one of the things (typing in reply) that you are NOT supposed to be doing- ha! So pretend I didn't comment so you don't have to respond, but get better soon. And make sure to remember the rants for when you CAN type them. Love your rants. You excel at rants. You are a Ranting Goddess.

Candace Ryan said...

Don't think about what your right hand can't do, think about what your left hand CAN do, now that it's free from living all those years in your right hand's shadow. Let lefty shine!

(This probably isn't helping, it's just a weak, left-handed attempt at humor.)

sruble said...

HUGS! Sorry you hurt your wrist. I hope it feels better soon!

Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

Holy cow, Jacqui! I guess you can be glad it didn't happen in Lapland, like Diane's (fascinating writeup, Neglet).
I hope you're healing well -- it's been two weeks.
Funny, I thought sledding was the most benign of winter sports. I'm swearing off it forever, starting now. I need my hands.

Jacqui said...

Ruth, I thought the same thing when I saw Diane's post. But sledding is so fun!