Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday is saved

Earlier today, I was wondering if perhaps one kid-free hour a day is not enough time in which to finish a novel, shower, work out and blog. In my head, I was penning a bloggy apology for once again having no Thursday inspiration for you.

And then this:

TINK: How is your book going, Mama?
JACQUI: Good, thanks for asking. But I had to cut the skeleton scene we worked on. It just didn't fit, you know?
TINK: Too bad.
JACQUI: But thanks for helping anyway; it got me thinking about other ideas.
TINK: I need your help with MY book, Mama. My series, actually.
JACQUI: You're writing a series?
TINK: Yeah, it's a series of silly books. There are going to be five of them. (sounding exactly like me when I am wrestling aloud with a plot problem) I already know what's going to happen in all of them, but I need some help with good titles. Can you think of some?
JACQUI: Well, what happens in them?
TINK: In the first one, the big idea has to do with the funky bunny village. Wait! I know. The first one is called The Funky Bunny Village. And the second one is going to be Charlie McKey is Not a Funky Bunny.*

Charlie McKey is Not a Funky Bunny. I LOVE it. Is it plagiarism if you steal from family?! Who will write me this book?

* FYI, rest of the series includes: Everyone Does Not Like to Play With Charlie McKey, Wait Up Charlie McKey, and The Funky Bunny Village Rises Again.


J. Thorp said...

Tink is a rare genius. One day we will all beg to be allowed to step from her shadow. If you are ever to publish again, publish now!

Diane T said...

She'll probably ask Thor's help for The Funky Bunny Village Rises Again, I'm sure it should have zombies in it.

Corey Schwartz said...

Wow! How old is Tink? She certainly is a genius!

cath c said...

ah, genius at play! personally i love all the titles, esp the ones after the *

Jacqui said...

Thorp, I know. I work for hours and she just comes up with this stuff.

Diane, absolutely. In fact, I think the surprise sixth book should be Charlie McKey and the Funky Bunny Zombies.

Corey, that is my (somewhat biased) opinion.

cath c, Everybody Does Not Like to Play with Charlie McKey is my fav.

Sharon Blankenship said...

Ahem, this is for Tink.
Tink, do you think you could possibly help your "Auntie Sharon" write something?
Your ideas seem infinitely better than mine.
Thanks. Awaiting your email of amazing ideas.

Ann Finkelstein said...

I love your posts about Tink - and Captain Destructo too.

The title for my WIP came from something my sons were joking about years ago.

Jacqui said...

Ann, they're an endless resource, aren't they?

Sharon, Tink will be happy to help, in exchange for leftover critique group treats...