Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Best Writing Tool I Have...

... is these.

I don't even listen to music. I just wear them.

Because the fact is this: when I was a teacher, I was in my classroom unable to be reached all day. Nobody ever said, "I know you're working, but..." or "Do you have to teach the WHOLE day?"

Nobody ever asks a surgeon to make a quick run to the airport an hour away.

But people ignore the fact that I'm writing -- that I'm a writer -- all. the. time.

And here is a secret: I am not always strong enough to say, "No, I can't. I am writing." Because of course a surgeon's patients will die if he runs off to the airport. Nobody's going to die if my paragraph goes unfinished.

But that doesn't mean it's fair to ask me. And it doesn't mean I should say yes. Nobody in the world will respect my writing time, if I can't.

So, I have the earphones. And the basement office where the phone can't reach.

And some advice for this December: love your family and friends. Spend time with them and do nice things for them. Be excited to celebrate whatever you celebrate.

But, when it's time, DO NOT FEEL BAD about announcing, "I have to go write." Do not let anyone talk you out of it. Leave the drama and the guilt and the wrapping paper where they are and escape into your story.

And bring your earphones.


Anna said...

Great advice!

Anonymous said...

My little earphone secret: sometimes I wear them, and don't even listen to anything. It's my way of telling everyone, I'm tuning you out! DON'T BOTHER ME!

cath c said...

excellent advce, thank you!

Larissa said...

So, so true! Great advice! :)


Jacqui said...

Anna, cath, and Larissa, thanks.

Debbie, me too. Sometimes I even pretend to need to turn it down when there's nothing playing and someone interrupts me.

Anonymous said...

oooh...sneaky. I like it. :)

I usually write, but feel guilty about it. I'm trying to find a good balance in the process. Seems that's what I'm always doing. ugh!


Tina Lee said...

It is very validating to hear someone else say what I struggle with all the time. Thanks.