Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At least she's honest. Sort of.

In which we see how being the child of a writer makes you weird.

Bedtime tonight. We are discussing Tink's class production of Strega Nona.

JACQUI: How did the play go today?

TINK: It was hilarious. This kid's hat fell off and he kicked it into the audience. It landed in front of some guy... (hijinks ensue) ...and then the paper pasta came landed on a fifth grader ... (more hijinks)...and he threw the hat and it kind of floated for a minute -- the door was open and some wind had come in and --

JACQUI: Wait. Tink. When did this story stop being true?

TINK: (chuckles in acknowledgement) Yeah. A long time ago.


TINK: Can I finish now? It's a really good story.

JACQUI: Yeah sure.


Anna said...

Ha! This post was so funny I pulled my husband and read it to him so we could laugh together. It sounds like you have a writer-in-training on your hands. :-)

cath c said...

yea, it's really too bad when we rub off on our kids, eh?

i've got one with such worlds in his head, that at age 15, his friends refer to him as a genius LARPer because they all end up playing parts in the great battles and character driven advetures in his head. and they act it out!

AnneB said...

I have an autistic nephew who does this. At some point when I KNOW his mom wouldn't have allowed this, even though he's over 18, I ask, "Neil, are you being imaginative again?"

And he usually 'fesses up! said...

That is great! You just wait until she puts down a book with a scowl and says that the premise wasn't believable and the protagonists weren't likeable or the plot meandered. It'll happen.

Susanne Drazic said...

This was cute. Thanks for the giggle. My 17 year old has quite an imagination. I keep telling him he should be a writer.