Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today's Thursday News of the Absurd Inspirational Moment proves we should all watch more nature TV shows.

From Yahoo!News:

Mass. school janitor finds 3-foot python in locker

Apparently, a janitor cleaning up at the end of the school year opened a locker and a giant snake popped out, prank can of peanuts style. Except it was a real python. When it tried to attack him, he "grabbed it behind the head as he had seen on nature TV shows."

I think this is the last scene of the book, the one that rolls with the credits in the film. It's the last loose end to tie up: "But what happened to the python?!"

So you tell me, what is the rest of the story?


Ann Finkelstein said...

Poor Python!

Diane T said...

For me, it's flash fiction: ... and then the snake ate him.

ps. Evidently the snake's name is Colin, because that is my word verification.

cath c said...

the next step is the snake saying, "hey, leggo my neck! can't a guy find a nice cool dark place to rest once in a while without someone freaking out about it?"

Anonymous said...

YIKES is all I can think right now.