Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three Things to Celebrate, and One Multiple Choice Question

Things to celebrate today:

1. I don't have to read Moby Dick ever again.

2. Captain Destructo and I's fingertips and mouths are stained pink with strawberries and beets straight from the farm.

3. Remember those characters who wouldn't leave me alone? They're back. They infiltrated my dreams last night. I was playing the role of Devra, the girl. We were running for the bus and, trust me, it was hilarious. Later, in the lunch room, we were stunned to find ourself crushing on the boy across the table. Now, usually when I dream a story, I either forget it or when I awaken, I realize it makes no sense (much like when I dream I am fluent in French). But this was a whole plot, handed to me by the dream muse.

"Go away," I told the characters, even in my dream. "I have to work on my other novel."

"Get a pen, moron," Devra shot back.

So I did. In the dream I wrote and wrote and wrote. And then I woke up and wrote some more. And then, well, it's time for the multiple choice question.

One Multiple Choice Question

Some of you expressed skepticism that I was being honest about neglecting other obligations for the Remedial Lit Summer Project. To that end, please answer this:

Which of the following did Jacqui find between 8:00 and 8:30 am this morning?

a. black mold in the diaper bag
b. the estimated tax check that was due June 15
c. a check that we waited so long to deposit that it's now expired
d. a sliver of glass in my big toe that has been there at least a week
e. a piece of cardboard stuck between my toddler's teeth
f. whatever was making the car smell like rotting goat carcass
g. all of the above except one, which I found last night, and, wait, why does the car still smell?


J. Thorp said...

I loved your question, by the way. Was the dead goat a half-baked sippy cup of new white cheese? Or something else?

Jacqui said...

Have not yet unearthed the source, sadly. Send oxygen gear.