Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bloggy Business

In which I feel the bloggy love and reveal what a weirdo I truly am.

Look at this! -->
I won an award. It's from the very sweet Christy, whom I enjoy, and not only because she tells me how funny I am all the time. I like best her pieces on seeing through the eyes of a child. I am to proudly display my new blog bling and to drop it on other blogs that I love.

But then I thought: Where did this award start? I mean, what if it was started by something I hate, like the guy at I must find out before I go giving a kitten-hating award to my bloggy friends!*

So I set off searching. I started back at Christy's and traced the I Love Your Blog Award back through some great kidlit blogs, through horror writers, primitive artists, a collage and mixed-media crowd, all over the US and Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

All of this made me think: Holy cow, there are a lot of blogs out there. And then: Why am I blogging when there are a million other people doing it?!

And then I thought how great blogging is for Writing, the noun. I mean, think how much writing is going on every day on blogs. Not that all of it is great, or even entertaining, but at least it's happening. And before the blogosphere, I'll bet some of these people just didn't write. And now they do.

Feeling the bloggy love, I tracked on. I got bogged down with a group of inter-awarding card-crafters and escaped eventually to the blogs of knitters, who skipped to ranchers, horse-lovers, and a blog for the aging equestrian, which lead me to ... nowhere. I got to the Horseshoeing Housewife and I could go. no. further.

I pouted. And then I thought: Hmm. Maybe I should have just Googled "I Love Your Blog Award Creator" or something. Duh. So I did. And I got here (love his first paragraph), and stopped again.

And then The Mighty Thor started watching over my shoulder. And then he mocked me. I was dazed and my face had turned blue, but the small part of me where the skin wasn't fused to my laptop knew I deserved it. So I gave up. Because I realized the only possible end to all of this tracking was this.

So thank you, Christy, and the rest of you, go see Thorp's blog, because I really do love it, and because it will lead the next person tracking the award to a whole new genre. I have to go take out my eyeballs and wash them in lye.

* Sadly, this is how my mind really works.


J. Thorp said...

Bless you, my friend, for loving my little corner of the Internets. Of course, I'm staying in an I-80 Days Inn and am so uninspired. Would love to post something super-cool tonight, just for the sudden rush of traffic, but alas!

Jacqui said...

hmm. Rush of traffic. I hope all 70 million of my regular readers come by werdfu...