Saturday, November 14, 2009


In which I answer your most pressing questions.

1. What is PiBoIdMo?
It's Picture Book Idea Month, the picture book lover's alternative to NaNoWriMo, in which you think of a picture book idea every day for a month.

2. Cool. I'll try it. So, what should I write about today?
Funny you should ask! I am guest blogging over at Tara Lazar's blog today! Come on by and be inspired. And check out Tara's brilliant PiBoIdMo contest; you could have an agent check out five of your favorite picture book ideas.

3. Wait! I was already over at Tara's. That's how I got here. Now what?
Welcome to Jacqui's Room! Come on in and have a look around. Ideas for getting started are to your left under "New to Jacqui's Room? Try these." If you are doing PiBoIdMo, you may especially like the Thursday News of the Absurd Inspirational Moments. And come back again soon!

4, What are some bad puns you made up that didn't fit anywhere in this post?
Why, I'm so glad you asked. I was just going to cook some pumpkin PiBoIdMo.


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I'd sure love some of that pumpkin PiBoIdMo!

(Another pun to add: PiBoIdMo cowbell!)

Jacqui said...

Tara, we definitely need PiBoIdMo cowbell.

Write2ignite said...

everything is better with more cowbell, y'all. ;)

Great post on the PiBoldMo blog, Jacqui. I'll have to change my focus next November to include PiBoIdMO! :)

Anonymous said...

PiBoIdMo cowbell coming soon! Building a PiBoIdMo post around the idea, to launch sometime next week.

And Donna, you mean I have to do this again NEXT YEAR???? LOL!