Friday, February 19, 2010

Fireman Destructo

A one act play created in part by Jacqui Reads Her Children & Herself Books By & About People Different From Her (explanation of JRHCHBBAPDFH here).

Act I
In which JACQUI reads Wong Herbert Yee's Fireman Small: Fire Down Below to CAPTAIN DESTRUCTO and DESTRUCTO takes offense.

JACQUI: ...The End. Aw, that was a good one.
JACQUI: His jacket looks just like your fire coat.
DESTRUCTO: Yes, but I cannot be him.
JACQUI: Why not?
DESTRUCTO: Because he is different from me.
JACQUI: (panics, wonders if whole premise of the JRHCHBBAPDFH project -- that kids will relate to characters regardless of race -- is bunk, blames self for raising racist three year-old, etc. etc. etc.) Really? (gulps)
DESTRUCTO: (exasperated as only a three year-old can be) Mama! He is Fireman SMALL. And I'm BIG.
JACQUI: Oh! That is true.
DESTRUCTO: I would be Fireman HOOJ.*
JACQUI: Yes, you would.
DESTRUCTO: You tell me story 'bout me in the BatCave now, okay?


* Huge


cath c said...

very sweet.

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J. Thorp said...

you have inspired a blog post -- thank you!

Jacqui said...

Thanks, all.
Thorp, which one???

J. Thorp said...

not up yet. stupid day job.