Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spam me any time

In which I take what I can get.

This arrived in my inbox this week:

Dear jacqui,

I have been to your blog and loved it!

Having embraced the light of your essence that is your online garden of the self , i felt compelled to write and compliment you on a job well done. You have created a path of light that expresses the flowering within. I enjoyed learning who you are and what you do. The heart of your destiny and soul of your existence are inspiring. Know that your life and work are respected and celebrated. By sharing your story , gifts and abilities you enrich and enlighten those blessed to view your pages. You are an authentic and original person of character whose refreshing presence motivates and enchants. Thank you for being you. I wish you a lifes journey where peace and harmony reign supreme.

Now that's the kind of letter people should be sending me. Sure, I know he's probably never seen my blog and really wants me to wire money to his account in Nigeria. But, the heart of my destiny and the soul of my existence are inspiring? Sweet.

I had forgotten, until I got this letter, about waving to honkers. In high school, whenever someone honked at me, I'd pretend it was not because I had cut him off or because my left headlight was out, but because I was so irresistibly fabulous. I'd turn and flash a movie star smile, or wave and blow a kiss, mouthing "thank you." Puts you in a lot better mood than the alternative.

So I'm taking the words to heart. I AM an authentic and original person of character whose refreshing presence motivates and enchants.

Oh, and thank you for honking. You look great too.


Diane T said...

Ah, you're much nicer than I would be. I checked my blog last week, hoping for some lively discussion on Austen, and found "1 comment" that was essentially this:

"My blog is fabulous. Come and see it."

I'm afraid I gave this post not the metaphorical wave, but the metaphorical finger.

Mary Witzl said...

Why do you get cool comments like that in your spam mail? All I get is multiple posts about products in crappy English with lots of links. "Having embraced the light of your essence that is your online garden of the self" -- that is sheer poetry.

J. Thorp said...

affirmational spam must be checked carefully, o enchanting one. A friend of mine found a very complementary comment on his blog by someone whose screen-name he didn't recognize. he posted it because why not?

only later did another reader notice that the period at the end of the comment was underlined. the punctuation was, in fact, a link to a ... site of ill repute, shall we say?

a lot of trouble to post a nearly hidden link for folks to stumble upon -- and certainly not the kind of outbound link you want on your blog!

Jacqui said...

Diane, was that comment me? :)

Mary, don't worry. I get plenty of offers for free, poorly spelled prescription drugs. And haven't you always thought of Jacqui's Room as my "online garden of the self"?

Thorp (clicks frantically on all recent comments): Nope, no such luck. I have gotten a few "love your blog, check out this site" comments. If they seem too shady, I try to shield you all from them.

Candace Ryan said...

"Online garden of the self?" That's totally awesome! Future self-help book title, perhaps?

Sharon said...


Wow! I get lots of poorly spelled prescription drugs in my spam, too, but nothing remotely similar to the letter you got.

MaryAnn said...

I wave and smile as well. I view it as my way of saying, "Hey! I see you too. Love ya. Take care. Bye!"
Life's too short for anger over losing a parking space.

Jacqui said...

MaryAnn, exactly.