Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to tempt karma and frustrate your muse

1. Take two weeks off writing due to situations beyond your control.

2. On your first "work" day back, be unable to remember how to string words together. Spend the whole time "getting the house back in order" so you can "really get down to it" tomorrow.

3. As you brush teeth that night, have great idea for new picture book. Fall asleep smiling with the thrill of inspiration and the relief that there will be no karmic repercussions for having blown off a writing day.

4. Hear screaming. Lots of screaming. All night long. Take three year old's temperature. Shriek.

5. Call day care.

6. Pound head on desk.

No Thursday inspiration this week due to aforementioned evil Destructo virus. But, while trolling for odd news, I did find this: Apparently, a naked man stole a bunch of children's books from the Ypsilanti library. It's horrifying and there's nothing funny about it. But what the article doesn't say and I am dying to know is this: WHICH BOOKS?


Diane T said...

I saw that article too ... maybe he was reading "In the Night Kitchen" and just "fell out of his clothes." :p

Hope Destructo feels better soon!

cath c said...

hope the kid feels better quickly, too and
i'm curious which books, too. i mean, the emperor's new clothes might have held particular poignancy for the guy.

Anonymous said...

Saw the story about the naked man in the library on the news and I was shocked. Scary stuff.

Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

sruble said...

Sending get well wishes to Destructo and good writing vibes to you!!!!

p.s. I want to know what books he took too.