Friday, March 13, 2009

Five things Jacqui is not going to do to celebrate Friday the 13th

1. watch any of the Jason movies.

2. crash family Shabbat services at my temple wearing a hockey mask and screaming "The Hora! The Hora!"

3. sneak upstairs into Tinkerbell's room after she's sleeping, crawl under her bed, and whisper, "Mama lies. We are here. And we are coming for you," while throwing wet, cooked noodles onto the bed.

4. chomp the rest of the Hamentashen and sit in a sugar stupor pondering which is scarier: the idea of finishing my novel or the idea of never finishing my novel.

Oh, wait. I might do that one. Do over for #4.

4. stick my hand into the crack between the seat and the back rest in the back seat of my car and try to find whatever's growing there

5. put a giant mouse suit on Destructo and let him chase the cats

Okay, I might do that one too, if I had a mouse suit. Another do over.

5. cut the remarkably realistic hand off Destructo's plastic baby doll and float it in Thor's morning tea

How are you going to celebrate?


Laura Handy said...

I really think you should do #2 - only perhaps you're right about not doing it during a temple service, maybe the mall? Your daughter's school? It would be fun!
Thanks for the laugh - I am biting my nails waiting on a certain someone who mentioned on Twitter that contacting me was on his list of things to do (and that was yesterday!)

adrienne said...

It's Friday the 13th?
Funny list. I love #2 :)

Brenda said...

I didn't do anything today...took the day off from work...didn't want to chance things...grin..

Love the list!

Michele Thornton said...

Hah! Well, I'm not superstitious so I might just open an umbrella indoors, walk on cracks and break a mirror, all at the same time.

Love #4.

Sharon Blankenship said...

You should also not tell little children that the leprechaun they have been trying to trap with green M & M candies that disappear that YOU have been eating them.
Or tell them he's dead. Or the tooth fairy either.

Boni Ashburn said...

If you decide to do #4 at some point (the new #4 that is), let me know what you find. I think it's the same thing that's making my van smell funky but I'm not brave enough to investigate.

p.s. Maybe it's the "grinkles". That was my word verification- haha

Jacqui said...

Laura, fingers crossed.

Adrienne, thanks.

Brenda, I'm glad you took the day off -- can't be too careful...

Michele, that makes me itch. I have to knock on wood just reading it!

Sharon, ha! I already fessed up about the Girl Scout cookies.

Boni, it's totally grinkles in there. Blech (shivers).

Marcia said...

Oh, was yesterday Friday the 13th? *cackle* I never noticed.

Mary Witzl said...

I had the fun of trying to explain why the number 13 was unlucky to my Turkish students.

Gosh, I'd love to do that mouse thing! I'd love to see the cats' reactions.