Monday, March 9, 2009

My Status: A Morning in the Life

Jacqui is offline.
Jacqui is trying to sleep.
Jacqui's son posted a note: "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA!"
Jacqui is turning off the baby monitor.
Jacqui's cats have sent her a "pawful of litter to the face."
Jacqui is fine I'm up okay?!
Jacqui blocked the application "Morning Breath."
Jacqui is trying to pour milk into a sippy cup without opening her eyes.
Jacqui is reading Richard Scarry's THINGS THAT MOVE. Again.
Jacqui is no longer part of the group "People Who Shower Daily."
Jacqui is a fan of caffeine.
Jacqui wonders if kids can OD on frozen waffles.
Jacqui is even if they're organic?
Jacqui is no longer a fan of winter.
Jacqui refuses to accept responsibility for the fact that it's freezing and you have to wear a coat.
Jacqui's daughter posted the note: "25 Random Things I Have to Touch When I Am Supposed To Be Brushing My Teeth."
Jacqui should have left ten minutes ago.
Jacqui's children are no longer members of the group "People To Whom Jacqui Is Speaking Nicely."
Jacqui is pulling her son out of the driver's seat.
Jacqui's daughter is not attending the event "First Five Minutes of School."
Jacqui is snabblefrug.
Jacqui is a fan of day care.
Jacqui is wracked with guilt over that snabblefrug.
Jacqui is practicing deep breathing.
Jacqui should be writing.
Jacqui is the Queen of Text Twist.
Jacqui just has to do this one more thing.
Jacqui is staring at the blank page.
Jacqui has nothing to say.
Jacqui is no longer a fan of her novel.
Jacqui is fine just write something already you loser.
Jacqui wrote a whole page.
Jacqui wrote three more.
Jacqui is writing.


C.R. Evers said...

LOL! Boy, you're really getting into this Facebook thing.

And my, but you've had a busy morning.


J. Thorp said...

This post is brilliant. Was it one of you first four pages?

Jacqui said...

CR, by "into" do you mean totally obsessed? :)

Thorp, ha! Sadly, it's more of a summary of every day than a specific. ..

Diane T said...

Diane is giggling.

Tina Lee said...

Love this.

Brenda said...

What a morning...LOL...

Rena said...

LOL -- love it!

Let me know when Jacqui is eating chocolate and I'll be right over.

Anonymous said...

Jacqui is making me laugh uproariously.
Jacqui is reponsible for coffee on my computer.
Jacqui should provide a tissue for when coffee comes out my nose.
Jacqui should remind Sharon not to read her blog while she is drinking coffee. (Sharon, that is)
Excuse us. Sharon has to clean her face and her computer. Zap Phhhhft/

Laura Handy said...

Jacqui, I just now took a shower, hair is still wet, put my sweats back on and tried to sit down at the computer to write but instead read your post and am now going to go take a nap because you just reconfirmed what I have been telling myself all week - writing with kids and husbands and lives, not to mention personal hygiene, is hard!

Jacqui said...

Thanks, all, for the giggles.