Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The very hungry writer

With apologies to Eric Carle.

In the light of the moon, a little writer sat at her computer.

One Sunday morning, the warm sun came up and pop! The little writer had a fabulous idea for revising her chapter book.

Naturally, she decided to look for some food.

On Monday, she rewrote two chapters and ate some celery. But she was still hungry.

On Tuesday, she rewrote another chapter, and ate a turkey sandwich. But she was still hungry.

On Wednesday, she wrote 500 words, and ate a slice of pizza. But she was still hungry.

On Thursday, she wrote a few emails and a boring blog entry, and ate a bowl of pea soup and a roll. But she was still hungry.

On Friday, she wrote no words. She ate a hunk of Argentinian skirt steak with a side of homemade potato chips anyway. But she was still hungry.

On Saturday, she wrote a to do list and a check for the overdue water bill. She ate one slice of swiss cheese, one pumpkin pie, three of her kids' juice boxes, fourteen Bunny grahams, one coffee shake, one Snickers bar, and 14 glazed donuts. And a water buffalo with chocolate sauce.

That night, she had a stomachache. Also, she decided her chapter book stunk.

The next day was Sunday again. The little writer ate through one bunch organic red kale. It was disgusting and didn't make her feel any better. But she also wrote a new scene, which did.

Now she wasn't hungry any more, and she wasn't a little writer anymore either. She was a big, fat, inspired writer.

She made a small closet called an "office" in her basement. She holed herself up inside of it for three days.

Then she ate her way out through the drywall, and...

... she had a beautiful first draft.


cath c said...

good news! you've finish it?

i had that week or so, too, but you forgot to mention the ice cream.

still sitting on last 2 scenes, and reviewing research and adding sciency bits in the middle. then i will be done i swear, if only i could sit down at the computer and write nothing BUT THE ABOVE!

Candace Ryan said...

Too freaking funny!!

Based on the day I've had so far, if I had to parody Eric Carle, I'd have to write THE GROUCHY WRITER.

Jacqui said...

cath c, I have a messy, rough, definitely first draft. Which is a start!

Candace, I've been there. I've also been The Very Grouchy Lady Who Procrastinates.

Marina said...

How exciting! Congrats!

Even though I've just had dinner, your post was making me hungry.

Kelly said...

MMMMmmm, I love chocolate covered water buffalo!

Jacqui said...

Kelly and Marina, this is proof chocolate-covered anything can be appetizing!

Sharon Van Zandt said...

What is an Argentinian skirt steak? ;>

Congrats on finishing that first draft!


Jacqui said...

Thanks, Sharon. And here's our recipe, but we do use skirt steak. Delicious.