Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm back...

...and while not necessarily better than ever, I am definitely better than before a week at the beach.

Highlights have to include hours of swimming in the ocean and daily ice cream. I did catch Tinkerbell demanding money back from the hotel manager because our room was haunted and, failing a refund, offering her services as child detective to solve the mystery. Which I love, of course.

But the best part may have finding Edgartown Books, my new favorite bookstore. Why are they my favorite? Well, look what Captain Destructo found while trolling the picture book shelves!

Okay, really I took this picture later, after I'd shrieked with glee and gone to the register to introduce myself and offer to sign them. The folks there were incredibly nice, even let Tink put the "autographed copy" stickers on, and congratulated me on not being an author who annoys booksellers. Which felt good, of course.

And now it turns out things were Going On while I was gone. Wanna see what I look like? Lee Wind (with whom I fell in heart at SCBWI this month) posted a video of me talking about my Jacqui Reads her Children Books Other People Think Are Bad For Them experience with The Rabbits' Wedding. While you are there, you should read the rest of his blog which is wonderful and good for the world. Meanwhile, Banned Books Week is September 26 - October 3 this year and "Jacqui Reads Her Children Books Other People Think Are Bad For Them, Part 2!" will kick off the first of September with my favorite challenged book ever -- my own! Yes, apparently it is very dangerous to read your kids The New Girl...And Me. I'll explain on the first.

And Ann Finkelstein nominated Jacqui's Room for the Kreativ Blogger award. Ann wrote:

The entire world should enjoy life as much as Jacqui Robbins.

Which makes me happy because I think it means I made someone smile. And also because I can't be nearly as ranty and grumpy as I feel half the time. So thank you, Ann! I know I have homework to do with this honor too, but my "to blog" list is miles long, so is it weak to give a rain check???

It's good to be back.


Jody Jensen Shaffer said...

What?? The New Girl...and Me is ban-worthy? I hadn't heard. Pssstt. Come closer. I could never be their friends, you know, those banners. Just between you and me...and the new girl.

cath c said...

congrats, you grumpy, er fun fun blogger! honestly, i delight in clicking here because i generally get a giggle out of doing so.

edgartown books has an incredible reputation all over New England. congrats for being highlighted and appreciated there, too.