Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ladies and Felines of the Jury

It happened again. I found a fabulous Thursday News of the Absurd Will Someone Please Write This Book Inspirational Moment (TNoftheAWSPWTBIM) and, well, it's just too good a picture book not to give it a try myself. Now I am obsessed.

But this cracks me up.

From WHDH-TV news in Boston:

East Boston cat called to jury duty

Apparently Sal, the feline pet of the Esposito family, received a letter demanding that he appear for jury duty. His owner wrote to explain that he's, well, a cat, and to file for his disqualification of service. The verdict from the jury commissioner? DENIED. Now Sal has to have his day in court or face punishment.

I love this mostly because I love stories in which bureaucracy acts in idiotic ways but nobody's life is actually ruined. What is the jury commissioner thinking?! HE'S A CAT!

What if Sal shows up in court, expecting to be sent home immediately, and nothing happens? What if he's chosen for a jury? What if he falls in love with the legal system and decides to become a judge himself?

There's a book here. I don't know what it is, but maybe you do. Will someone please write it for me?


cath c said...

that's the kind of thing that could only happen in boston! my old kitty was an abandoned kitten from near that neighborhood in chelsea.

Diane T said...

That is a purrfectly paw-some tail, Jacqui.

If Sal can't find some "claws" in the jury laws that exempts him from duty, he'll just have to show up in court. There he won't speak, will be held in contempt, and thrown in jail, where he'll complain, "Let Me-OWT!" (Talk about a CATch-22!)

Maybe there will be furr-tive glances between Sal and the jailer, who has sympathetic "felines" for her charges. She'll let him escape, and explain she just couldn't keep "tabbies" on him because he was a real tiger.

You can imagine what happens next--he has some hijinks before he returns to his family--but I'll paws here because I should get back to work.

Jacqui said...

cath, maybe he was a jury reject...

cath c said...

haha! well she would be rejected because of her proclivity toward monarchical rule being my 'ghetto queen'

she's not a very democratic cat, esp when it comes to the dining room table, esp my mother-in-law's placemat. it is her throne.

WordWrangler said...

hah! The legal system is Puuurrrrfectly flawed at times, isn't it? I mean, they take FURever to get around to admitting their mistakes. At times like these, it can be CATastrophic!



WordWrangler said...

hah...looks like Diane and I were thinking along the same lines! ;)