Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jacqui's Weekend To Do List

1. Completely rewrite ending of novel*
2. Unpack everything I own
3. Finish last 200 pages of The House of Green the Seven Gables.
4. Invent and post creative, insightful, hilarious response to The House of Green the Seven Gables
5. Remove poison sumac from new back play yard
6. Babyproof new house**
7. Sell old house
8. Run three miles
9. Make homemade potato leek soup

I am not making this up. Sigh. Marvel at my realistic expectations for myself.

Going to peel potatoes. See you Monday.

* Yes, it's true. I talked to my agent this week. She insists the ending be "legally plausible." She is SO PICKY.
** Ha. Captain Destructo here. Me interrupt blog to say ha ha ha to that. As if. You try. Me can knock baby gates down now. Me can break cabinet locks. Me eat poison sumac. Mwa ha ha ha.


Angela said...

ohhhh.... that's a lot!

Gooooood luck!!!

J. Thorp said...

how'd ya do, J?

Elise Murphy said...

Overachiever, eh? We have SO much in common.

Bet that soup was delicious . . .

Jacqui said...

How did I do? Yes. Well. House full of rotting potatoes and leeks. Poison sumac rampant. Old house still on market.

BUT, I did finish THofthe7G. AND I rewrote the whole ending of my novel! See how I prioritize...

Jill Corcoran said...

Yikes! Good luck getting through your to do list. I spent my weekend floating in the pool, frolicking at the beach and sipping refreshing beverages sans umbrellas. Oh, and I wrote a little...
Ugh, now it is Monday and it is back to reality.