Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ant wins

Today we are celebrating characters that won't quit and writing the novel that scares you.

Ant has won. The plan was to trash him and the rest of his miserable novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo this year. But he won't shut up. He keeps popping into my head, standing on chairs and screaming, insisting I re-read his first chapter. So I did. And guess what? It's funny. I laughed out loud. Thor laughed out loud when I made him listen. The cats laughed too, I think. Or they are just starving.

"Okay, Ant," I said. "You win. I'll read the rest."

Guess what? It doesn't suck. Okay, it DOES suck, but there's a lot that's usable. And reading it sparked one of the coolest ideas for a book in the world. One of those make your brain hurt, can't believe you thought of it, if only I can carry it off ideas.

"Okay, Ant. You win. I'll write it," I said. And I sat down and, well, nothing.

I love Ant. I love his book. I love the ideas I have for it. I think it could be the greatest thing I ever wrote.

Consequently, I am frozen in terror, unable to write a word.

But we are celebrating anyway, because if I do get it written, it's going to rock.

What are YOU writing these days?


Sharon Blankenship said...

Congratulations on finding some good stuff in your NaNoWriMo. Go with it, girlfriend! I loved the beginning sentence. Something good has to come from that.
Toward the end of the last week, I actually found some decent stuff in my novel and have begun playing with that.
Race you to the finish.
Semi-brain paralyzed.

J. Thorp said...

I'm writing our annual holiday letter -- 4 to 8 pages and footnoted each year -- perhaps the most widely read and enjoyed thing I will ever write ... If there is never a book, at least I've written a series of a mean holiday letters.

I love this post, and I'm so happy for you. Love you idea, nurture it, raise it up strong -- and maybe it'll teach you something along the way, too!

Tina Lee said...

I haven't read my words yet from the month and I am scared of them. it's nice to hear your story. Thanks.

Anne Spollen said...

My middle grade scares me. There's this vision of nine and ten year old girls throwing the book on the ground, saying, "It's so boooorrring."

I find middle graders a much tougher bunch than YA readers. Maybe it's the combo of short attention spans and high expectations.

Jacqui said...

Sharon, I can't wait to see it.

Thorp, I hope I get one. And thanks.

Tina, you may be surprised. But I always figure practice is valuable anyway. Or that's what I tell myself :)

Anne, I'd be surprised it were boring. And I agree, though I think 4-8 is actually the hardest.

Candace Ryan said...

That's super exciting, Jacqui!! It's always wonderful to have a compelling idea on the table.

Of course, butterflies love great ideas, too, which is why they always take up roost in our tummies whenever we get them.

That's why I had my husband install a butterfly playground in the backyard. The butterflies play outside on the jungle gym, and I'm left alone to write.

Jacqui said...

Candace, I definitely need a butterfly playground. They keep getting stuck in the sandbox.

Brenda said...

Great job Jacqui...find out wht Ant likes to listen to and eat, etc. so you can keep it around to keep the conversation between you guys going...

I feel like I'm still in catch up I haven't pulled my NaNo story out since November ended...but I have had a few of my other characters talking in my ears...I just wish they would take turns and STOP talking all at once!!!

It is either too quiet...or too much...I guess I'm just not that easy to please...grin...

Jacqui said...

Brenda, hmm. He likes to eat frozen waffles smeared with butter and smothered in syrup. I will work on what he on listens to...