Thursday, December 18, 2008

And I thought I liked to lick the spoon

Today's Thursday News of the Absurd Will Someone Please Write This Book Inspirational Moment (TNoftheAWSPWTBIM) reveals the lengths to which I might go for cake.

From YahooNews and the Tampa Tribune:

Armed Burglars Demand Man's Eggbeater

According to the article, "two men entered a man's home early Sunday and demanded his eggbeater. One suspect was holding a pistol while the other brandished a knife to the resident's neck."

There's only one question to ask here: WHY?


1. Something is hiding in the eggbeater. Treasure or money or a long-lost note?
2. They are writers and have been revising too long and REALLY needed some cake.

But I like this one:

Old Mr. McGhee loves cake. Man, he loves cake. He makes cake all day long. He makes cake all night long. His favorite cakes are whipped light and fluffy using his 1943 SuperFluff super loud electric eggbeater.

Downstairs from Mr. McGhee live two newbie criminals. They planned the perfect murder, carried it off, and rented what they thought would be a quiet place to split up the loot and hide out from the police.

But all night and all day, all they hear is the BZZZZZZZ of Mr. McGhee's eggbeater...

What's your idea?


J. Thorp said...

Dysfunctional mob family (a la "Ghost Dog) holds holiday scavenger hunt ... item 4: egg beater.

Brenda said...

The criminals were in the middle of making a fruit cake (Thanks Rena) for their mother when they realized their eggbeater was broken...

Afraid that their neighbor wouldn't share his eggbeater and it was almost time for their mother to arrive, they decided to take drastic measures because you don't want to make mother mad...


Rena said...

Oh geez! Can you believe these stories today? I was reading another where a guy got arrested for assaulting his girlfriend with a sandwich! What's going on? First sandwiches, and now egg beaters???

And LMAO Brenda! Everyone's always gonna blame the fruitcake! ;) Hee!