Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 14 - The Inferno

Welcome to week 8 of our Remedial Lit Summer Project, which features Dante's Inferno.

is Volume 1 of The Divine Comedy, in which a pilgrim travels to hell.

I will be reading Inferno this week while I board a plane and travel cross country to spend the week in a cottage with the Mighty Thor, Tinkerbell, Captain Destructo, my in-laws, their dog, my niece and nephew, their dog and their cat.

Any correlation between the plot of Inferno and my life is purely coincidental.*

* This is humor. In reality, I am much looking forward to both my in-laws and the beach.


C.R. Evers said...

Have fun traveling, and may your company be nothing like your book. ;0)

Diane T said...

I am going to read this, too! Just as soon as I finish Cooper's The Pioneers ... which at my usual rate, with interruptions, may take until the end of the month. At least there aren't any whale heads in it.

(You know I'm never going to let you forget about the whale heads, don't you?)

Jacqui said...

Thanks C.R.!

Diane, I take full responsibility for forcing whale parts on you.