Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A List For Fall

Reasons Not to Sink Into Deep Depression That Summer is Over and It's 40 Degrees Outside:

1. butternut squash soup
2. Halloween candy
3. apple picking
4. Huh. Oh! Tink looks really cute in footie pajamas.
5. Um. Um. Wow. Hmm.

Nothing. I got nothing else. And this list is not going to stand a chance against a list that includes the likes of:

1. Have no idea where winter clothes, gloves, boots, scarves, etc. are; locating them will require major overhaul of basement "organization" system
2. Kids already complaining about winter wear, throwing tantrums over coats, losing mittens...
3. Skin on hands flaking off. Also, throat sore with beginning of what will surely be cold that lasts until May
4. Baseball season ending. Baseball play-offs on too late at night for me to stay awake. No teams I like left anyway.
5. Forgot to demolish kids' dancing plastic ghost that sings chorus of "I Want Candy" all October long

As Toad* says when Frog tries to wake him up to enjoy winter, "Blah."

What's on your list?

* Toad is my idol when it comes to handling the seasons. In fact the Frog and Toad books are some of my favorites. Hilarious, even on the 100th reading.


Bish Denham said...

My reasons not to sink into a deep depression now that summer is over...
1. Pumpkin pie
2. Playing with my dog in a pile of leaves
3. 55 is wonderful after a summer with temps into the 100s
4. Toe socks
5. Hot chocolate
6. Flying a kite
7. Watching the trees change color
8. Fewer bugs like mosquitoes, fleas and flies
9. It's snuggle weather

Kristi Valiant said...

Pumpkin pie and hot chocolate. I may need to make some pumpkin pie soon...

Vijaya said...

1. Harvesting the veggies from the garden.
2. Soup, soup and more soup!
3. More cuddles with all the critters.

But I always miss summer ... it's much too short, esp. in the Pacific NorthWEsT

Diane T said...

1. Hallowe'en (and the requisite weird pumpkin carving)
2. My kitty sleeps on my bed now that it's cold
3. FOOTBALL! (Okay, maybe not for my teams this year, but I still love watching it)
4. Now that it's cooler, it's not nasty to wear the same shirt or pants for two days (less laundry!)
5. I second and third the fewer bugs thing!
6. Hot chocolate
7. SPIKED hot chocolate
8. Kids in school!
9. New shows on TV rather than all-reality, all-reruns
10. Leather boots weather!
11. The sun doesn't come up at an unreasonable hour.

I could go on, but I have work to do. (Ick.)

Kelly Polark said...

Love butternut squash soup!
I do loathe bundling up the kids against their wishes!!
Fall is fun, but that just means winter is next!

Elise Murphy said...

My reasons:

1. An excuse to drink coffee in the afternoon.
2. Getting out my Danskos
3. Being able to cover my flabby arms with sweaters.
4. Stuffed Cabbage
5. Twelve kinds of soup
6. Apple picking
7. Hay rides at the pumpkin patch
8. Monster Mash dance
9. Wind Wind Wind
10. Everything! Fall is my favorite season!

sruble said...

Halloween candy and apple picking, YUM! I did a Fall list on my blog the other day too, but I forgot to add hot chocolate, so I'll add it here.

I like chocolate of the hot variety, that's extra chocolatey.

Hope that the winter transition isn't too hard on you and your family this year!

Adrienne said...

It's funny to read this. Where I am we are having another stinking heat wave - even my kids want to move somewhere where it turns cool! It doesn't feel like fall when it's 101 degrees and you're hoping not to have wildfires.
I'm with you on the winter gear, though. It's impossible to keep track of that stuff!

Jacqui said...

Wow. Those are good lists. Thanks, everyone. I'll take these: pumpkin pie, toe socks, the Monster Mash, and re-wearing clothes for my list and postpone holing up in my bed weeping for the fiftieth snow...

Diane, I can't believe you, as a Lions fan, look forward to football season.

Kelly, exactly! It's only going to get worse!

Stephanie, I do love me chocolate that's hot.

Adrienne, send us your kids and several degrees and we'll call it even.

J. Thorp said...

J, I was thinking about Fall, too -- my list is here.

Write2ignite said...

Okay, another confession. This is probably even bigger than the fact that I didn't read MD. Are you ready for it? I've never read Toad and Frog (oh, wait - it's Frog and Toad, isn't it?)

AND my reasons for not falling into deep depression during this season is simple:

Fall is my absolutely favorite season of all! I love the falling leaves, the gray skies and the "will it rain or won't it?" feel. I love the smell of Hot Russian Tea, sweet potato pies and Turkey in the oven. I love family reunions and soccer season.

I'm all a flutter. My heart skipped a beat when I realized it was no longer summer.

I might be weird - but have to love me anyway. Right? (RIGHT??) :) :)

Jacqui said...

I do love you anyway, WordWrangler. But you HAVE to go find a Frog and Toad book and read it soon. They are much better than Moby Dick, I promise.

Everyone: I have added to my list cozy sweatshirts and the smell of burning leaves. And I have set aside all day Friday to make soup.

Unknown said...

It is over 90 degrees at my house today. Who says summer isn't over?